Everything you need to know.

We don’t get a lot of questions, but the ones we do are covered below.

What will it cost me?
With seatd, there is no long-term contract, sign up fee or enforced subscriptions. As a venue, you only pay to use seatd when a customer makes a purchase.

Our fees are always transparent, and we are always working to lower them.

When a customer makes a purchase, we take 1% of the purchase value (1p per £1).

Stripe is our payment partner, and their fee is currently 1.4% + 20p per transaction.
Will I need to sign up for a Stripe account too?
Yes. For app payments to work you’ll need to first have a Stripe business account. We’ll help you get set up and link to seats, don’t worry!
Do my customers have to download an app to use seatd?
No. We pride ourselves on speed of service and ensure your customers will never need to waste time trying to download and sign up to an app.

Instead, customers simply scan a QR code, get access to your menu and can start ordering straight away. Time saved downloading is better spent ordering!
I like to print my orders, is this possible?
Of course! We’ll discuss this option with you and help guide through the process. We try to make everything as streamlined as possible so we will review everything with you.
I’m not sure if this can work in my venue.
You can be any size and type of venue and seatd can work for you. When you discuss with our team, simply let us know the details and we’ll guide you through.

We already work with cafes, bars, pubs, restaurants even theatres across the UK and seatd can be easily adapted to suit your needs.
What about click and collect? Is it just order and pay table service you offer?
We also offer a collection option for you to allow customers to utilise click and collect ordering also.
How quickly can you get me set up?
Usually within the hour!

Depending on which option you select with us we can have you trained, live and fully operational within 24 hours.